• First Invested Jul-21
  • Founders Olcay Silahli Arda Eren
  • Investment Manager Ali Karabey
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Fazla enables companies to create the highest environmental, social, and financial value from food, packaging, textile, and chemical surplus via tech-enabled, holistic waste management solutions.

To create impact for the good of the world, Fazla creates tech-enabled, holistic solutions in line with the United States’ Enironmental Protection Agency’s Waste Scale and offers a variety of solutions to all stakeholders in the supply chain including producers, distributors, retail, the food and beverage industry, and individual consumers. Since its establishment in 2016, the company has successfully saved over 92,000 tonnes of food from being wasted, thereby preventing more than 142,000 tonnes of carbon emissions. Through their partnership with the Food Rescue Association, Fazla consistently provides support to 1.5 million people in need.

While pioneering the waste management sector in Turkey, Fazla also expanded to Spain as the first step of its globalization plan and brought its unique approach into this market. By nature, as a result of its innovative and distinctive business model, along with the impact it has created, Fazla is now a part of the B Corp network.

Olcay Silahli, Co-founder and CEO
Born in 1988, Olcay spent his childhood on his grandfather's farmhouse in Tekirdag, where he first
encountered the issue of food waste—an experience that would shape his lifelong commitment. After Kuleli Military High School and the Turkish Military Academy, Olcay's passion for positive change led him to Istanbul, where he pursued management engineering at Istanbul Technical University.

Valuing volunteerism and global challenges, Olcay engaged in numerous social responsibility projects, including a significant milestone in Kenya, where he participated in the education of children for dental care. This experience, coupled with his participation in the One Young World Summit in 2014, marked transformative moments that inspired him to return to Turkey and co-found Fazla.

A black belt holder in aikido, Olcay, believes in balance and harmony. He describes himself as a lifelong
learner and enjoys chess, poetry, guitar, and sailing. He also likes capturing moments with the finesse of a photographer during his travels. His true passion lies in setting an example for the younger generation to make a positive impact on people and the planet.
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Olcay Silahli, Co-founder and CEO