• First Invested Jul-21
  • Founders Olcay Silahli Arda Eren
  • Investment Manager Ali Karabey
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Fazla enables companies to create the highest environmental, social and financial value out of surplus including food, packaging, textile, and chemical.  

Olcay Silahli, Co-founder and CEO
Olcay was born in 1988 and spent his childhood in Tekirdag with his grandfather at their farmhouse. Throughout those days, he saw the problem of food waste for the first time and followed through with this issue for the rest of his life. 

After Kuleli Military High School, he continued at the Turkish Military Academy. After a while, because of his passion to create a social impact, he moved to Istanbul and continued his university life at Istanbul Technical University to study management engineering. After his graduation in 2011, he started his professional life at Deloitte as a consultant. Later, he worked at Unilever as a Brand Manager for 6 years.  

Olcay founded Fazla Gida with Arda Eren, the co-founder, and CTO. In the last 6 years, 47.000 Tonnes of food have been saved and 64.000 Tonnes of carbon emissions have been prevented. On a monthly basis, more than 1.25 million people in need receive donations. 

In 2022,  Fazla Gida transformed its business model and became Fazla which creates technology-based, holistic solutions to create the highest value possible out of surplus including food, packaging, textile, and chemical. 
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Olcay Silahli, Co-founder and CEO