SmartMessage helps leading brands scale communications over millions of customers in real-time & create better experiences via efficient omnichannel marketing.

Oguz Kucukbarak, Co-founder and CEO

Oguz Kucukbarak started up his company at a young age after gaining experience at prestigious banks in the finance sector, including HSBC, TEB, and BankEuropa. He combined his industrial engineering background with creative business ideas to create the omnichannel marketing platform, SmartMessage that stepped into the market in 2005.

With Kucukbarak's strategy and vision, SmartMessage performed noticeably fast growth in Turkey and EMEA, and was recognized by renowned business strategy and consultancy pioneers including Deloitte. SmartMessage became a global brand serving brands across continents and was crowned with many prestigious awards, including Stevie and European Business Awards.

Besides his engineering background, Kucukbarak holds an MBA. He is a father of two daughters and a professional motocross rider.

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Oguz Kucukbarak, Co-founder and CEO