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Empowering small-to-medium-sized companies to collect the data they need to power their business using a comprehensive web-based form-building tool.

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123 Form Builder is a comprehensive form-building tool designed for professionals in small and medium-sized companies to collect the data they need to power their business. At its heart is a web-based form builder that has every data collection field you could ever need, all in an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor.

Florin Cornianu, Co-founder and CEO

Florin has always been drawn to the entrepreneurial side of life. When he was young, he grew in pursuit and got involved in project development. After his graduation, he co-founded several online websites and commercial software.

Although he started as a developer, he improved his skills in segments from marketing, content writing, SEO, and customer support to sales and the list keeps adding over the years. When he co-founded 123 Form Builder, he had the purpose of supporting all-size businesses with a powerful and secure form builder that facilitates smooth and pleasant data collection processes.

One thing that remained his core belief is that you always have to be ready to adapt to changes in order to perform and that the Team matters the most.

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