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Ali H. Karabey

Ali is a co-founder and partner at 212. He has spent his career focused on technology and communications investments. After graduating from the University of Michigan, in 1999, Ali joined Arthur Andersen in New York where he oversaw mid-market transactions in technology, media, and telecommunications. In 2002, he joined ... Morgan Stanley Capital International where he managed the North American and European finance teams. Ali spent a year from 2007-2008 at Deutsche Bank where he served on the bank’s principal investments team. In 2008, he shifted his focus to the Middle East where he seized on the opportunity to work on helping companies go to scale. He worked with the Turkish government and private sector on finance and private equity projects. At 212, Ali serves on the boards of AppSamurai, Insider, Solvoyo, and Smartmessage. In addition, Ali sits on the Advisory Board of Endeavor and is a member of the Istanbul chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization.

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Basar Yenidunya

Basar Yenidunya is a Vice President at 212. He started his career as a consultant with PwC before moving into investment banking at Oaklins. Afterward, he co-founded a mid-market investment banking boutique – providing mergers and acquisitions advisory services to private clients, corporations, and private equity funds. ... After attaining a certain level of success, he decided to take on a new challenge in a competitive international MBA program. Upon graduation, he joined IS Private Equity, a middle-market focused private equity, investing in Turkish businesses with a focus on technology startups. Throughout his career, he has advised startups on a professional and personal level on a wide range of issues. Yenidunya has a BS in Industrial Engineering from Bilkent University and holds an MBA from INSEAD.

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Ezabel Nihmet

Ezabel is Chief Financial Officer at 212. She has an extensive background in asset management. Ezabel began her career at Price WaterHouse Coopers in 2003 as a Certified Public Accountant. In 2005, she moved into the fund management industry at TPG Axon, first in New York and then in London. ... In 2012, she moved into the venture capital space as a financial controller with Accel Partners. Throughout her career, in her spare time, she has assisted charities and start-ups. She advises on a wide range of financial issues from budgeting, accounting, financial modeling to profitability analysis and valuations. Ezabel is a graduate of Boston University where she has a BA in business administration and received an MA in theoretical psychoanalytic studies from University College London.

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Gulce Turan

Gulce Turan is an Associate at 212. She supports the deal flow, market, and technology research. During and after her studies, Gulce has been a part of teams building various B2B and B2C software products as well as research groups focusing on Human-Computer Interaction. Starting her career in finance, Gulce took on a full-time internship at BMW's headquarters in Munich. ... Gulce then moved onto IT-related roles at UnternehmerTUM, KPMG and Siemens. She joined Koc University Design Lab's Happern Interactive Information Design Research Group, after her relocation to Istanbul, Turkey. Later she took on the role of Product Manager at iyzico. Gulce holds a B.Sc. in Management & Technology with a focus on Computer Science. She also holds an M.Sc. in Information Systems with a focus on Social Computing from the Technical University of Munich.

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Ipek Celiksoz

İpek is an Associate at 212. A graduate of Istanbul Technical University and Bahcesehir University's MBA program, İpek is a technology and entrepreneurship evangelist. In 2014, she received a masters degree at San Diego State University. She started a management trainee program at Abdi İbrahim Pharmaceuticals in Istanbul. In 2016, she joined Istanbul's Kolektif House, the city's premier co-working space, working initially with startups ... and eventually moving to oversee Isbank's Entrepreneurship Program. As the program coordinator for the entrepreneurship program, she worked with startups on business plans, scaling up, fundraising, and other challenges. At 212, she plays a critical role in the deal process, conducting due diligence, research, and analysis. In addition, she helps organize Fvckup Nights Istanbul, an event series where anyone can share stories of professional failure.

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Dr. Maher Hakim

Maher is a partner at 212. His career has spanned from being an investor, a strategist, an educator, and a founder of five tech startups. Maher spent 18 years in the Bay Area working on technology companies. Since 2012, he has focused his energy on helping others build successful enterprises, assemble and lead winning teams, and launch great products and ... services. In 2012, Maher shifted gears from industry to academia, becoming an associate professor of entrepreneurship at Carnegie Mellon University in Doha, Qatar. Two years later, he became the head of mentors at the European Innovation Academy. He is concurrently serving as the managing director of Qatar’s Science & Technology Park. Maher is a technologist by education and holds a Ph.D. in Computer-Aided Engineering and Management from Carnegie Mellon University. He muses on topics of innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership on his blog which you can find here.

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Numan Numan

Numan is a co-founder and partner at 212. He has spent the past three decades focused on investments and technology in three continents. Numan got his start in 1994 at Credit Suisse in Tokyo before moving on to Goldman Sachs in 1996, first in Tokyo than New York City. ... Numan oversaw the firm’s global engineering teams with an eye on identifying cutting-edge innovations. His main role was to ensure business growth. In 2010, Numan shifted his attention to the Emerging Europe and MENA where he focused on scaling up startups. Numan is technologist by education and holds B.Sc. in Computer Sciences from Ege University. He lives in Istanbul, Turkey where he is actively involved in building the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region. At 212, Numan currently serves on the boards of Chooch AI, HotelRunner, Mall IQ and OMMA.

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Sercan Zulfikar

Sercan Zulfikar is a Finance Associate at 212. He started his career as a team member of "3Z", a biomedical engineering company that was established by İTÜ Big Bang Start-Up Project and later evolved into "Respo Gadgets." Zulfikar conducted marketing research at "3Z" by analyzing the states' health policies. ... In 2017, his focus shifted to finance and auditing, starting his position in Ernst & Young's Global Compliance and Reporting department. He had the invaluable opportunity to observe a wide range of sectors - from textile to mining, medical to automotive, as well as all of their operational backgrounds, financials, and accountings. Zulfikar's strengths are in fixed assets, tax calculations, tax advisory, and team management. Zulfikar is a graduate of Marmara University and University of Warsaw, where he obtained a BA in Political Science and International Relations. He has also received a MA in Social Policy from Boğaziçi University.

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