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Investing should be more than money. 212 supports tech companies that are ready to scale with insight, expertise, and global connections.

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“Not only an investor but a friend for upcoming 30-40 years.”

Hande Cilingir, Co-founder @Insider

“A savvy investor will not only expect you to have skin in the game, he will demand it.”

Numan Numan, Partner @212

“Rule #1: Find smart money, onboard investors who can understand your dreams, challenge you and take you from A to B fast and steady. But more importantly, raise money before you need it.”

Barbaros Ozbugutu, Co-founder @iyzico

“Emerging market investments are not for the faint of heart. We support the founders who find comfort in the chaos and go after the opportunity.”

Ali Karabey, Partner @212

Building legendary companies require legendary network.

Next generation investor, working to unleash next generation technology. If you’re not changing the world, what are you doing?


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