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We started the new year off fast despite the continuing uncertainty and turmoil worldwide, caused by COVID-19.

We are thrilled to announce 212’s second investment of the year. Artboard Studio, co-founded by Mucahit Gayiran and Hooman Askari, is the newest addition to our ever-growing family.

Have you spent hours online to find the right and high-resolution stock images for your design work?

Have you felt frustrated about how long it takes you and how many different design software you need to download and pay for to finish a design project?

Are you tired of ‘Not enough memory’ error messages and software crashes because you do not have enough hard drive space — required to handle hundreds, if not thousands, of high-resolution images?

Artboard Studio’s unique and easy-to-use graphic and motion design tool solves all these pain points and solves them at a cost less than a cup of coffee per day.

Artboard Studio was founded in 2018 and graduated from Techstars Toronto program in September 2020. It is a web-based graphic and motion design tool for marketing and design teams to create engaging content in a collaborative manner and tell their stories more comprehensively. Their goal is to make the lives of graphic designers in marketing and branding industry so much easier. Their success in achieving that is reflected in their appeal to many designers worldwide, with 37% of all their active customers from the U.S. and 29% from Europe.

Artboard Studio, with its high-quality and rich library of visual assets and templates, allows its users to create much, faster, easier, and with more impact — a unique differentiation from its competitors.

What is more, the team is soon launching Artboard Studio v3.0. The new version will offer an end-to-end solution, targeting professional marketing and branding designers and allowing them to access all the visual assets and tools they need to create, store and publish their own design projects using one platform only.

In the past couple of years, there has been an inevitable shift towards visual content on social media with especially the use of video and animations in marketing more than ever. Image and video posts on social media receive more likes, shares and engagement than text updates, which in turn helps businesses grow more traffic, clicks and customer conversion. Video is one of the most important visual aspects used in content marketing today.

According to molecular biologist John Medina, vision is our most dominant sense, taking up half of our brain’s resources. 65% of people are visual learners, and 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual.

We are extremely excited to be partnering with Artboard Studio, which brings together a team with a unique set of experience in and in-depth understanding of the graphic design industry, and taps into the resources and network of a wide range of partners, such as Google Chromebook, which is now offering Artboard Studio as one of its top perks to its users.

We believe at 212 investing should be more than money. 212’s investment combined with mentoring and advising we offer — based on insight, expertise and global connections we have developed over a decade — will fuel the company’s growth and accelerate its expansion globally.

Professional graphic design tool market is an ever-growing market with customers’ needs getting more sophisticated over time. The global graphic design industry is a $45 billion market with business demands for cohesive brand images across different mediums increasing over time. Interactive multimedia & animation and motion graphics are expected to be this industry’s highest growth segment, making tools like Artboard Studio even more attractive.

As the first collaborative and browser-based graphic and motion design tool in a market of this size and potential, Artboard Studio stands a good chance to capture the market share from the incumbents and establish itself as the go-to solution in the market in the coming years.

Thanks for choosing us as your partner on this growth journey, Artboard!

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