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Ali Karabey

9 out of 10 products and services fail within the first two years post-launch on the market. Consumer expectations and preferences are changing quickly, markets are fragmenting, and companies need to understand their customers better and faster. As a result, the insights world is going through a transformation.

Companies go to great lengths to understand their customers. Some conduct panels, others call them asking for feedback, whereas some make deductions from customers’ interaction data with their digital devices on various web-based platforms.

  • Panels and cold calls are hardly effective when faced with a global society’s ever-changing needs and agenda. Sure, some overarching themes pop up no matter the product or geography; yet these days, it’s hard to integrate traditional, less agile steps into product development. Consider ecological responsibility: yes, it is vital, but the how differs immensely for a mobility company than a hygiene giant.
  • Quantitative marketing research is expensive, and it can take weeks to collect data, analyze results, and put together a report. From the moment of a brief to report delivery, insights are already outdated.
  • What’s more, companies with fewer resources are significantly disadvantaged as they cannot invest what the giants invest to reach, understand and influence consumers.
  • Data bombards brand marketers every second — how do you make sense of it? How do you identify what is valuable for your brand and consumers?

So, how do you facilitate those challenges?

Enter Bolt Insight.

Founded by a team of professionals navigating the market research space for 10+ years, Bolt Insight addresses all the problems mentioned above: Their market research services combining disruptive behavioral recruitment tech helps companies big and small reach their customers even when they are very niche; when they are on social media. As they scroll through the feed, users come across products and services they care about and voluntarily enter a brief survey. That helps them become a co-creator or a co-definer of products they are likely to champion.

On the other hand, companies learn about their customers in a lightning-fast manner, with real-time results pouring in within minutes. Bolt Insight’s technology enables not only the big fish but also the smaller players to access people in no time, collecting consumer opinions in 120+ countries in a matter of hours.

At 212, we strive to invest in problem-solvers and teams that tackle hard, global-scale problems with simple and elegant solutions. With Bolt Insight, every interaction convinced us of the team’s ability to dramatically transform the quantitative market research space, enabling companies to collaboratively and openly develop their products to address users’ wants and needs better. After all, in the big picture, producing unwanted products and features leads to financial loss and adds to the enormous piles of trash that are slowly eating up Mother Nature.

Onwards with a more open, respectful, and responsible consumer-producer communication!

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