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Quiz: How much food is wasted around the world each year?
(a) 5 million tons
(b) 10 million tons
(c) 100 million tons
(d) Over a billion tons

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If you picked (d) you’re right. Even though nearly 2.5 billion people live in food insecurity, we’re throwing out food, from grocery stores, restaurants, and households. Lost and wasted foods cost $2.6 trillion annually. How do we stop all this waste?
Fazla Gida has the answer. And 212 is thrilled to be investing in the company.
Most food businesses and households lack the tools and skillset to manage waste. Much of the waste is a result of surplus. This is what Fazla Gida helps companies and individuals figure out. It provides a centralized cloud platform that enables users to manage surplus inventory and coordinate with suppliers and distributors. Here’s how it works:
If you are a supermarket, you connect the ERP system with Fazla Gida’s surplus management software and count and log in the items that aren’t sold, damaged, or out of date. If unsold items are not out of date, they can either be donated to a food bank or charity or resold to a hotel or restaurant. If they are out of date, they can be sold to animal facilities or recycled with ecosystem partners.
Fazla Gida has also developed a one-of-a-kind B2B marketplace that enables companies to sell their excess products with dynamic pricing solutions to offer an estimated fair market price.

Arda Eren (CTO), Olcay Silahlı (CEO)

Olcay Silahli and Arda Eren are behind Fazla Gida. They’re a team we’ve known for several years. Together, they have experience in the agri-food value chain, experience working in top companies (Olcay worked at Unilever), and extensive knowledge of supply chain management.
Fazla Gida has been serving domestic and multinational giant food companies such as Metro, Migros, A101, P&G, Danone, Pepsi, Frito Lay, Mondelez, Carrefour, and Nestle.
It’s the only Turkish startup that UNDP supports and has been selected for Accelerate 2030, a universal call to action to end poverty.
We’re proud to be a part of this next new thing that is focused on reducing waste and improving the environment. This is what technology is about — human advancement.

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