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We are excited to announce our latest investment in Trio Mobil’s Series A Round. The company offers world-class IoT solutions for industrial manufacturing companies leading to significant efficiencies in the production processes.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has taken everyday objects and connected them to the Internet. Items such as dishwashers, microwaves, heating systems, lights are all connected to the cloud. That has not only changed the way people interact with things but has also made innovation and efficiency possible. This is especially true in the industrial space. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has elevated the possibilities for manufacturers and retailers alike with machine-to-machine communication, machine learning, robotics, and software. And it’s all worth about $197 billion. That’s what the estimated market size for the sector is in 2023.

Trio Mobil is a leader in the IIoT space. The company is focused on end-to-end technology that allows a company — whether a B2B or a retailer — to manage backend operations, including personnel, safety, energy usage, and the supply chain to the front-end that deals with the business side, on customers and revenue streams. 212 is thrilled to back this promising company in a Series A round.

The founding team, Nevzat Atakli, CEO, and Baris Ozdemir, CTO, all graduated with engineering degrees from Sabanci University and started Trio Mobil ten years ago. Together, they have not only forged a dynamic partnership but a powerful vision for IIoT, taking it to the next level.

Ak Portfoy, one of Turkey’s leading private equity firms, took a chance on Trio Mobil years ago. In that time, Nevzat and Baris managed to build a clientele that includes BSH, Mercedes, Phillip Morris, UPS, Ford, Ericsson, and Pepsi. They are now looking to expand their offerings by introducing to the market a new product called IoTDynamix. IoTDynamix will disrupt the IoT platforms market targeting OEMs to add connectivity to their offerings and enable new connected software/service revenue streams alongside their products. Providing a continuous and reliable data stream will be a critical add-on feature to the machinery OEMs produce.

Advances in technology have never happened in isolated silos. The key has been bringing together the right mix of teams, vision, and investors. 212 is proud to welcome Trio Mobil into its family. We’re looking forward to breaking barriers together.

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