212 Spearheads Fazla’s $6M Post-Series A Pioneering Waste Management Solutions

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Basar Yenidunya

We’re thrilled to announce that 212, as a reaffirmation of our belief in its vision and potential, is at the forefront of a $6M Post-Series A round for Fazla, a rapidly emerging leader in waste management solutions within the EMEA region. Fazla, already a shining star in our portfolio, continues to impress us with its innovative approach and rapid growth. Fazla’s groundbreaking holistic approach curtails waste generation at its source and recycles the waste into the circular economy with the highest environmental, social, and economic value.

Fazla: The Comprehensive Solution for Waste Management

Fazla has carved out a niche as an industry innovator, creating an entirely new market in Türkiye. The second half of 2021 saw the launch of their B2B liquidation platform, marking their transformation into a comprehensive software-enabled marketplace. This platform addresses the needs of an extensive FMCG value chain, encompassing producers, suppliers, distributors, and retailers. In a testament to their agility, Fazla has also launched two new products: a smart scale solution for Horeca and a B2C app for consumers, both designed to gauge market demand.

Rising Above Challenges to Forge Success

As a pioneer in the Turkish market, Fazla faced a myriad of initial challenges. The founders, Olcay and Arda, had the daunting task of creating the market and educating stakeholders, fostering relationships and building a company in a largely unorganized market. Budget constraints meant that for a considerable period, the founders were the only senior members of the company. However, the recent fundraising has paved the way for the company to attract top-tier talent from multinational companies and develop robust solutions tailored to market needs.

Accelerated Growth and Expansion

Fazla has been on an accelerated growth trajectory since our investment. The company has been growing at an impressive rate of >3x per annum since 2021. The positive market response to its platform and B2B marketplace has spurred the company to broaden its target sectors. Fazla no longer confines itself to food; non-food commodities such as textiles, packaging, and chemicals present a wealth of opportunities both within Türkiye and internationally. The expanded addressable market size and growth expectations propel the company to aim even higher.

Venturing Beyond Borders: From Türkiye to Spain

Having successfully navigated the business landscape in Türkiye, where waste management awareness is significantly lower than in Europe, Fazla is now poised to expand into European countries. After a comprehensive evaluation, Spain is the first target country. The Spanish market alone represents over $16B, and it will be a stepping stone for Fazla to tap into the European market, which cumulatively has over $100B in waste amounts.

We are confident in the team’s ability to impact the Spanish market significantly. Fazla’s success in Spain will be a pivotal step towards its ultimate goal of dominating the European market.

The journey continues!

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