Generating real-life scenarios of security best practices for development and security teams to improve secure coding skills and prevent errors.

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Avatao is a lab-based secure coding training platform for developers. Top enterprises like Lufthansa, Sportradar in Europe, and Mandiant in the US are using Avatao for building security awareness and to upskill their teams in a continuous security program.

Mark Felegyhazi, Founder and CEO

Mark is the CEO and co-founder of Avatao. At Avatao, he led the team to build a scalable secure coding training platform for developers to help them to reduce coding bugs and protect critical business applications. In a former life, Mark was an assistant professor at the Technical University of Budapest, teaching risk management, cyber insurance, and economics of security. Mark holds degrees from TU Budapest and EPFL and spent years at UC Berkeley as a security researcher working on measuring and disrupting the spam ecosystem/

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