B2Metric is a customer intelligence data platform that helps brands analyze and predict user behavior across multi-channels.



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Istanbul, Turkiye


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Cagdas Yildiz

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B2Metric is an automated machine learning (Auto-ML) platform solution that provides Enterprise-AI and continuous business learning solutions for the Insurance, Finance, Retail, Telecom, and Automotive industries. Becoming a data-driven company is such an easy task for the marketing and analytics teams.

Murat Hacioglu, Founder and CEO

In 2011, Murat Hacıoğlu graduated from Istanbul Technical University with a degree in Computer Engineering. Following his undergraduate studies, he pursued a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) at Yeditepe University, further enriching his academic background. Drawing from diverse experiences across various domains, Murat ventured into entrepreneurship and co-founded two startup companies, with one of them being B2Metric. In collaboration with Tuna Sönmez in 2018, they established B2Metric.
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