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Fintech startup Flow48 revolutionalizes SME lending by providing crucial working capital financing. Addressing the common challenges SMEs face, such as a lack of trustworthy information and insufficient track records, which often deter traditional banks and lenders, Flow48 introduces a groundbreaking approach. Our platform integrates with critical ERP, payment gateway, and e-commerce players, harnessing multiple data sources to enrich our risk assessment engine. This unique capability allows us to validate and underwrite short-term credit products focused on SMEs’ revenue and predictability.

Idriss Al Rifai, Founder and CEO

Idriss Al Rifai’s dynamic career journey spans from being a professional basketball player in Paris to serving in the French Special Forces. After his few years in the Special Forces, he became part of the personal team advising the French Minister of Defense on worldwide conflicts. He then pursued his MBA at the University of Chicago-Booth and ventured into entrepreneurship, successfully building and selling his first company. He then spent a few years at BCG in the UAE before moving to e-commerce, and shortly after that, he built his second company, one of the very first large-scale startups in the region. Al Rifai then exited the business and played a crucial role in Glovo, a food delivery scale-up that later sold for 2.2B euros to Delivery Hero. His latest venture, Flow48, addresses the capital availability gap for SMEs in the region and beyond, aspiring to evolve into a full-fledged SME bank. Al Rifai’s diverse experiences have profoundly shaped his entrepreneurial approach and leadership style.
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