Introducing Wellbees — 212’s new HR-Tech partner

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Maher Hakim

If you are not feeling it yourself, I am sure you are either hearing or reading about it! In the aftermath of the COVID pandemic, employees everywhere are burned out, disillusioned, dissatisfied with their current jobs, or outright depressed. The “Great Resignation” is a real phenomenon, and it is rapidly growing and expanding across the globe. Up to 44% of employees are seeking a career change, so they are “disengaged” from their current jobs. Disengaged employees cost their companies up to 34% of their annual salaries due to absentia, lower productivity, and decreased morale. So what are HR executives and managers to do?

Wellbees comes to the rescue. The Company’s main product is a B2B mobile/web SaaS Platform, which focuses on employees’ well-being — leading to increased productivity and employee satisfaction. Wellbees takes advantage of the power of socialization inside companies to create communities where people get to find like-minded others, initiate meaningful challenges, and trigger/build/develop healthy atomic habits while improving themselves with visual, audio, and written content about eight different pillars of well-being. In addition, employees have access to one-on-one video sessions with in-app dietitians, psychologists, and personal trainers. The result is that each employee gets a personalized mobile application powered by relevant challenges, surveys, social interactions, proactive support, and continuous well-being content which help him/her create long-term healthy habits and interact more with other employees inside the company, thereby feeling better and becoming more engaged in the workplace. On the employer’s side, an AI-powered dashboard provides a real-time pulse on the mental health and well-being of the company’s most important asset: its employees.

The brainchild of Wellbees is Melis Abacıoğlu, who came up with the idea after organizing a “social run” for employees of a bank in an attempt to sell them pedometers she was importing from Holland to Turkey. She realized that companies are more interested in coaching sessions, psychologists on site, and dietitian projects than they are in pedometers. Melis’s co-founder and chief operating officer — Secil Gürcüoğlu Mercan — helped transition the company from a consulting business into a high-growth tech startup. The company’s Chief Technology Officer – Kerem Gönülkırmaz — brings on board a combination of technical background, product passion, and strategic insights. The management team is supported by the leading business elite in the advisory board, who are also mostly angel investors in the Company, as well as an “HR Board” consisting of globally well-known HR professionals.

With 40+ clients in 17 countries and 8 languages — bootstrapped with minimal angel investment, 212 stands ready to supercharge Wellbees’s future growth. 212 is leading the Seed round with a $1.5M investment (with the additional participation of existing angels and new investors from Europe & MENA).

212 believes that HR-Tech will continue to thrive, and we specifically appreciate the important role of corporate wellbeing solutions in the future of work. We know of no better candidates than Melis and her Wellbees team to partner up in this sector. Wellbees, welcome to the 212 family!

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