Automating product sales 24/7 for seamless solutions to target customers and increase sales.

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Juphy’s artificial intelligence-based sales assistant offers companies a seamless solution for targeting customers and increasing sales by automating product sales 24/7 through e-commerce websites and social media accounts.

Alara Eren Iplikcioglu

Alara is a two-time startup founder, with a six-year track record in the field of entrepreneurship. She holds a Master of Science degree in Strategic Marketing from Imperial College London and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management at the University of Westminster, where she distinguished herself by earning the prestigious Academic Excellence Award.

Before completing her master’s degree, Alara accumulated valuable work experience at IBM London, and enriched her skill set through various internship opportunities in both London and Hong Kong, further solidifying her expertise in the entrepreneurship field.

Beyond her academic and professional pursuits, Alara is an avid enthusiast of outdoor activities, and particularly enjoys windsurfing and yoga.

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