Meddy is acquired by Helium Health

Picture of Maher Hakim

Maher Hakim

Earlier this year, Helium Health — a leading provider of healthcare solutions in emerging markets, completed the acquisition of Meddy — our MENA-based health tech portfolio company. As a result of the acquisition, 212 is now a shareholder of Helium Health.

Back in 2020, when 212 invested in Meddy, we explained that 212 is investing in a dedicated and nimble team pursuing an excellent market opportunity represented by the acceleration of digital automation in the MENA healthcare market. Helium Health, one of the fastest-growing healthcare technology solutions providers in Africa, seems to have also spotted the same opportunity and decided that the best way to pursue it is to make the case for Meddy’s management to join forces together.

In the words of Haris Aghadi, Meddy’s co-founder and CEO, this merger will enable Meddy to expand its product offering in the MENA region beyond healthcare marketing solutions, further fuel its growth in MENA, and strengthen its ability to build a lasting organization. By acquiring Meddy, Helium will be adding telemedicine and appointment bookings solutions to its product portfolio, as well as adding MENA-related organizational capabilities.

We are excited to be part of Helium/Meddy’s future journey and wish the team continued success.

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