Providing the leading technology-powered fulfillment network for local wholesale and unlocking wholesale growth opportunities for local businesses.

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Metrobi provides the leading technology-powered fulfillment network for local wholesale, the delivery of products from local food & beverage makers to grocery stores, restaurants, and cafes. Metrobi unlocks the wholesale growth opportunity for local businesses such as breweries, bakeries, coffee roasters, and beverage makers.

Oguzhan Uyar, Founder and CEO

Upon graduating from MIT, Oğuzhan started his career at Intel until he shifted his focus to the logistics industry. Noticing the absence of effective and practical tools for logistics and transportation, and a passion for smarter routing and mapping systems, he founded and led several companies offering tech-based solutions to fulfill the transportation needs of both businesses and individuals.

Oguzhan built a navigation app for the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality that still serves 5M citizens every day and created tools to provide better routes & dispatch schedules for transit agencies. His current venture, Metrobi, is a last-mile delivery platform that helps businesses simplify their operations by connecting them with local delivery drivers, vehicles, and AI-powered route planning tools.

Metrobi continues to partner with hundreds of businesses in 10 states across the US to make last-mile delivery more simple, easy, and more efficient.

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