Our investment in Mall IQ

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We’re excited to announce our investment in Mall IQ.

Founded by Batu and Ferit in 2015, Mall IQ provides precise location services to applications to understand their customer’s offline journey in shopping malls and high-streets, to engage them with relevant messages increasing foot traffic and sales.

Successful marketing communications (emails, messages or even phone calls) can be achieved by reaching the customer at the right time while delivering the relevant content at the right frequency.

Mall IQ is focusing on payment, retail, loyalty and e-commerce applications to deliver relevant messages at the right time.

If I choose to receive a message from a retailer, I would rather receive it when I’m in front of the shop than receiving when I get close to the shopping mall.

Here are some videos explaining the products,

Mall IQ’s proprietary indoor location technology does not require hardware installation, thus is scalable across shopping venues. As a result, they are already global.

Extraordinary technology knows no borders.

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