Idil Azizoglu

Investor Relations

Idil began her career at the leading Istanbul-based financial services group, Ünlü&Co. During her tenure in Corporate Finance, she acquired insight into business dynamics for several industries by partaking in roles at various stages of M&A transactions. After her start in Investment Banking, İdil’s intellectual curiosity, dynamic thinking, and appetite for calculated risk-taking motivated her toward the startup ecosystem. She embraced the Program Manager role at the startup accelerator Hackquarters, based in İstanbul and London. She led several programs with Fortune 500 companies, connecting promising startups with innovative corporate decision-makers. Her position also involved working closely with founders on business development, financial planning, fundraising, and digital marketing. She holds a B.Sc. in Political Economy from King’s College London. Her aspiration to help female founders started during her university years through her work as a Campus Lead for female business entrepreneurs. Her thesis reflected her interest in a regression analysis of the conditions affecting the gender wage gap. At 212 she is responsible for Investor Relations, supporting the fundraising process, and representing 212 at various industry events.