• Founded 2019
  • First Invested 2023
  • Headquarter Turkiye
  • Founders Mehmet Coka Güven Akcoban
  • Investment Manager Selma Bahcivanoglu
  • Company web page

Agrotics offers customized data solutions for agricultural lands, considering variables like soil type, altitude, and crop variety. Through its personalized approach, Agrotics optimizes agricultural activities, aiding farmers in unlocking the full potential of their farms throughout their life cycle.

Mehmet Coka, Founder and CEO
Mehmet Coka has been actively involved as a founder in various ventures for over a decade, specifically focusing on Agriculture and Agricultural Technologies since 2004. Notably, Mehmet Coka was selected to participate in Foodsystem 6 in Silicon Valley and the accelerator program at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, further enriching his experience and network within the startup ecosystem. Currently, Mehmet Coka continues his work in Agricultural Technologies in Silicon Valley, specifically in Sunnyvale, CA. His commitment to addressing challenges in agriculture through technological innovation underscores his dedication to making a meaningful impact in this crucial industry. As he persists in his endeavors, Mehmet Coka remains at the forefront of advancements in agricultural technology, contributing to the ongoing evolution of this vital sector. He is a graduate of Eastern Meditteranean University (EMU) International Relations.
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Mehmet Coka, Founder and CEO