• Founded 2018
  • First Invested 2024
  • Headquarter Istanbul, Turkiye
  • Founders Mehmet Uygun Zeynep Uygun
  • Investment Manager Cem Okay
  • Company web page

Getmobil, founded in 2018 by siblings Mehmet Uygun and Zeynep Uygun as a mobile phone repair retailer, evolved into a marketplace platform uniting small and medium-sized businesses buying and selling second-hand electronic products to Turkish consumers. The Turkish Ministry of Trade’s Remanufactured Device Regulation certifies the company as a renewal center. 

Mehmet Uygun, Co-Founder and CEO
Mehmet Uygun's entrepreneurial journey began as a university student with the Groop App. In 2018, alongside his sibling Zeynep Uygun, Mehmet embarked on an ambitious venture by founding Getmobil. What started as a modest phone repair shop swiftly evolved into a pioneering marketplace for second-hand electronic products in Turkey, underscoring Mehmet's visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to innovation in the entrepreneurial landscape. Continuing his entrepreneurial odyssey, Mehmet Uygun remains steadfast in his pursuit of excellence, striving to redefine industry standards and empower businesses.
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Mehmet Uygun, Co-Founder and CEO