Trio Mobil
  • First Invested Jun-21
  • Founders Nevzat Atakli Celal Baris Ozdemir
  • Investment Manager Numan Numan
  • Company web page

Trio Mobil is a technology company providing solutions to prevent accidents and improve efficiency for safer and more productive industrial operations. Trio Mobil is a leading technology company specialized in Industrial IoT solutions. Trio Mobil’s plug&play IoT solutions are used by thousands of enterprise companies to improve safety and increase efficiency in industrial facilities. AI-driven Industrial IoT platform helps customers to connect and orchestrate thousands of smart sensors with real-time analytics.

Nevzat Atakli, Co-founder and CEO
Nevzat graduated from Sabancı University in 2008 and holds a BS degree in Mechatronics Engineering. Nevzat started his career at Ford's R&D department as a Software Engineer. After two years of work, he started Trio Mobil with Baris. He is an experienced entrepreneur with a strong technical background in AI and IoT fields. He drives product, sales, and growth strategies. He is a passionate entrepreneur dedicated to leading Trio Mobil’s transformation as a global technology leader.
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Nevzat Atakli, Co-founder and CEO