• First Invested 2023
  • Founders Balca Yilmaz Caglar Erat
  • Investment Manager Selma Bahcivanoglu
  • Company web page

Werover provides predictive maintenance and contributes to sustainability in renewable energy via AI, IoT, and robotics solutions.

Balca Yilmaz, Co-Founder and CEO
Bringing five years of startup experience, Balca is a force in the tech entrepreneurial landscape. A graduate of Istanbul Technical University's Automation Engineering program, she has demonstrated a unique ability to bootstrap and drive profitable business growth. Recognizing the potential to adapt Werover's technology to the wind energy sector, she rapidly capitalized on the opportunity, resulting in substantial company valuation and strong partnerships. Her leadership, recognized by Microsoft's "Best Female Entrepreneur of the Year" award, has been instrumental in Werover's success in renewable energy. By offering predictive maintenance for renewable energy assets, she meets market demand and extends asset lifespan. With 5260 hours of underwater operational experience and global success, Balca’s commitment to driving growth and innovation in renewable energy is unwavering. Her passion fuels her relentless pursuit of transformative impact in the field.
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Balca Yilmaz, Co-Founder and CEO