Driving Industry 4.0 Innovation with a Unified Cloud Platform for Scalable AI and Robotics Solutions


July 2020

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June 2024



Ankara, Türkiye

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Robolaunch offers a comprehensive Industry Cloud Platform designed to accelerate AI and robotics use cases for Industry 4.0. By seamlessly integrating edge devices like robots, sensors, and cameras, it empowers engineering teams to develop, deploy, and orchestrate AI and robotics software in real-time or near-real-time. This unified platform eliminates integration challenges and supports both on-premise and cloud-based solutions, enabling rapid development and deployment of tailored solutions. Robolaunch enhances live connectivity to production lines, streamlining the entire AI and robotics software lifecycle and allowing enterprises to focus on innovation and problem-solving.

Mükremin Çetinkaya, Co-Founder

Mükremin graduated from Middle East Technical University in 2007 and holds a BS degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Mukremin’s career encompasses significant roles in both the defense industry and telecommunications sector, bringing an experience in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and 5G technology. He founded KAE Sistem with Hidayet Tunç in 2020, robolaunch is a flagship product of KAE Sistem.

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