Say Hello to Our New Investment, Agrotics!

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Selma Bahcivanoglu

The New Year may be rapidly approaching, but I have good news for the end of 2023. I am happy to share that Simya VC is investing in Agrotics, our 5th investment announcement.

The Importance of Agri-tech:

As we all know, the agricultural sector faces significant challenges due to increasing population, climate change, depletion of natural resources, and food security concerns. Innovative technologies in agriculture, developed in areas such as artificial intelligence and data analytics instead of traditional and unmeasured methods, are opening a way for agriculture to become more efficient, sustainable, and smarter. We believe that Agrotics will develop technologies that shape the future of agriculture and offer tangible contributions. Established in 2019 and specializing in agricultural technology solutions, Agrotics offers customized data solutions for agricultural lands, considering variables like soil type, altitude, and crop variety. Through its personalized approach, Agrotics optimizes agricultural activities, aiding farmers in unlocking the full potential of their farms throughout their life cycle.

Agrotics and the Agricultural Technology Revolution:

The Agrotics founders and team, who have a profound understanding of the field, have long been working to increase productivity for farming. Agrotics goes beyond complex installations, difficult-to-use, high-cost practices, and unsustainable applications to solve farmers’ problems by offering easy-to-use and measurable benefits. Agrotics can make real-time and accurate decisions regarding pest control, irrigation, fertilizer use, and more by creating long-range coverage to connect fields across local farms. Agrotics can offer recommendations to farmers based on hyper-local data regarding possible process adjustments. As a cloud-based solution, data from neighboring farms helps create perfect scenarios for each farmer and their specific farms.

Hyperdata and Insights:

“Hyperdata” is typically used to denote data obtained in extensive detail and volume. The hyperdata used by Agrotics includes a large amount of data collected from field sensors, weather stations, drones, soil analyses, crop productivity measurements, and other sources. Agrotics can process this collected data and offer farmers hyper-local insights specific to their farms using advanced AI and machine learning algorithms, including customized weather forecasts, soil conditions, pest and disease risks, and optimal planting schedules.

Mehmet Coka, Co-Founder, Agrotics

Mehmet Coka, Co-Founder, Agrotics

Why Agrotics?

Providing quality food to the increasing global population is becoming increasingly crucial. Agricultural technologies will provide significant benefits for sustainable agriculture. Agrotics, with its focus on the US market, and having acquired customers in California and Nevada, has collaborations and partnerships with well-known institutions such as OFI (Olam US), Cargill, Blue Diamond, Yara, BlueArcus, Kloudspot, and Visalia. We believe in Agrotics’ growth potential due to its rapid development of partnerships with important names in the field. As Simya VC, our investment in Agrotics aligns with our thesis of aiming for global growth and focusing on achievements worldwide. We congratulate the founders Mehmet Coka and Güven Akçoban, whose combined entrepreneurial experiences from various startups and domain expertise have culminated in Agrotics.

Agrotics, Team
Agrotics, Team

Welcome to the Simya VC Portfolio, Agrotics!

Selma Bahçıvanoğlu

Partner, Simya VC

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