Simya VC Led B2Metric’s $1.25M Fundraising Round

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Cagdas Yildiz

We are proud to announce our investment in B2metric. B2metric is an AI-based data analytics startup that focuses on predictive analytics of customer journeys. B2metric is the latest stage company in Simya VC’s portfolio with 150 enterprise customers, including Turk Telekom, Allianz, Avis, Zipcar, and Stellantis.

No End to Optimizing the Customer Journey

Customers are one of a business’s greatest assets. That’s why businesses continuously look for better ways to satisfy customers, surpass their expectations, and improve their experience with the company/brand. That’s precisely how B2metric helps businesses — going beyond customers’ expectations.

Areas that businesses look to emphasize through customer journey analytics are optimizing campaign results, increasing customer retention and upselling, preventing churn and acquiring more customers.

Gartner defines customer journey analytics as the practice of monitoring and examining how customers utilize various channels to engage with an organization. A key benefit of customer journey analytics is its reliance on accurate data. It integrates data from multiple sources, including direct input from consumers. The collected data encompasses customer interactions across various touchpoints and channels, revealing the interconnectedness of these actions and their influence on customers’ decision-making. This complex data environment conceals the challenge.

Why is Now the Right Time for Customer Journey Analytics?

Increasing demand for data-driven insights: The world is generating more data than ever, and businesses across industries realize the immense value of harnessing this data to make informed decisions. There is a growing trend of companies recognizing the need for data analytics solutions to gain a competitive edge, optimize operations, and drive innovation.

Technological advancements: The development of scalable data processing frameworks and the availability of affordable analytics solutions have led to the proliferation of this field. These developments have significantly lowered the barriers to entry for data analytics initiatives, enabling us to offer cost-effective solutions with improved performance and scalability.

Evolution of machine learning and AI: Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) have matured rapidly in recent years, enabling more sophisticated data analysis and predictive modelling. B2Metric meets the growing demand for AI-driven analytics solutions by leveraging the latest techniques that provide actionable insights, automate decision-making processes and deliver personalized recommendations.

Competitive landscape and market gap: It is uncommon in current data analytics solutions to handle all customer data within a single system and generate relevant insights from it. The data integration issue, particularly for scale-up companies, highlights a gap in the market. Compared to our competitors, our strong position is evident in our superior performance in churn prediction and our ability to provide customer recommendations. This positioning indicates that we should swiftly establish dominance in this scale-up ecosystem.

B2metric Offers the Smartest Solution through AI/ML

B2Metric products help data analytics, marketing, and business analysis teams by providing a Marketing Intelligence platform. B2Metric empowers users to monitor customer behaviors across various sales channels, mobile devices, and websites. B2Metric AI analyzes customer data, incorporating information from all marketing analytics platforms. Data Campaign processes integrate analytics, enabling CRM and Marketing teams to track and analyze real-time outcomes.

The B2Metric product helps companies with customer journey analysis, churn prediction analysis, performance marketing optimization, demand forecasting, cross-selling and upselling.

B2metric differentiates from the competition by its capabilities:

  • Enhancing the model’s effectiveness by gaining a deeper understanding of customers through internal data offers greater visibility into user actions.
  • Utilizing unique AutoML capabilities: Competing platforms lack features such as partial dependency graphs, residual analysis, and modification function code.
  • Employing a dynamic learning approach: B2Metric streamlines the data project workflow from 15 steps to just three, showcasing its distinctive advantage in this domain.

Why Invest in B2Metric?

B2Metric is at the intersection of two very hot trends. One is supplying a very effective AI/ML-based solution to a demanding problem. The other is an increasing demand for data-driven insights and AI-driven analytics solutions in the sales function across all industries. B2Metric’s solutions have proven their effectiveness to many enterprise customers over the years. The company is now very excited about expanding globally, starting with target markets.

Simya VC’s investment in B2Metric aligns with its investment thesis of global potential, innovative technology, and a persistent founding team. B2Metric has proven this alignment by dealing with a globally validated and highly recognized problem and bringing an innovative solution to this problem. The resilient founding team is the primary reason behind our investment decision.

Murat Hacioglu and Tuna Sonmez are two ideal founders on the path to making B2Metric a global success.

Welcome on board, B2Metric!

Cagdas Yildiz

Managing Partner, Simya VC

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