Providing External Attack Surface Management, Digital Risk Protection Services, and Cyber Threat Intelligence on an Extended Threat Intelligence (XTI) SaaS platform.

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SOCRadar is an Extended Threat Intelligence (XTI) SaaS platform that combines External Attack Surface Management (EASM), Digital Risk Protection Services (DRPS), and Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI).

Huzeyfe Onal, Co-founder and CEO

After graduating from Computer Engineering, Huzeyfe Onal showed effort working for Ford, Avea, Vodafone, and Turkcell in different cyber security and information technology-related positions. Onal prepared more than 50 documents about information technology and was rewarded by SourceFire for his work on Snot Attack Detection and Prevention Systems. He contributed to the improvement of the information technology industry in Turkey and Azerbaijan. Huzeyfe Onal established SOCRadar in 2019 after he worked for BGA Information Technology for a long time and experienced the cybersecurity field in detail and continues contributing to the cybersecurity industry with all his great effort.
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