Simya VC’s Investment in Evercopy

We are proud and excited to announce our first investment at Simya VC! Evercopy is an AI-powered content creation tool capable of creating text, image, and video content for social media and marketing platforms. It’s the Right Time for AI-Powered Tools Our investment at Evercopy comes at an opportune moment for AI-powered content platforms. AI […]

Simya VC Invests in Syntonym — Generative AI for Privacy

We are proud to announce our investment in Syntonym. Syntonym is a generative AI startup that anonymizes faces in videos and images in real-time for privacy purposes. Syntonym is one of the early pioneers of generative AI globally and is currently the only player within the Synthetic Media landscape to achieve hyperrealism in real time on […]

Simya VC Led B2Metric’s $1.25M Fundraising Round

We are proud to announce our investment in B2metric. B2metric is an AI-based data analytics startup that focuses on predictive analytics of customer journeys. B2metric is the latest stage company in Simya VC’s portfolio with 150 enterprise customers, including Turk Telekom, Allianz, Avis, Zipcar, and Stellantis. No End to Optimizing the Customer Journey Customers are one […]

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