3 Ways to Reset Yourself Professionally After Lockdown

If I can be candid with you, since my last check-in, things started to decline for me as time progressed in quarantine. New habits started to form, work started to take over, and the lines between personal and professional life started to blur. I’ve always been a dedicated worker, but lockdown brought out a side of […]

Four Archetypes of Successful Startup Founders

Ever since a study was published in 2012 claiming that 75% of all venture-backed startups fail, there has a been a flood of online articles and various opinions and thoughts on why startups fail. But I have always been more interested in understanding why startups do succeed— despite the fact that the odds are against them. Understanding […]

Girişimcinin Mental Sağlığı

Yaklaşık iki hafta önce Tarkan’ın (Scotty) davetiyle Clubhouse’a katıldım. Clubhouse ses temelli bir sosyal ağ, Andreessen Horowitz’in yatırımlarından. Ağa katıldığım günden beri her gün farklı konu başlıklarında ama çoğunlukla girişimcilik ekosistemi ile ilgili etkinliklere vaktim oldukça katılmaya çalışıyorum. Bugün de girişimciler mental olarak neler yaşıyor konusunda deneyimlerin paylaşıldığı, 212’nin paydaşlarından Sure’nin (Talentmelon) moderatörlüğünde gerçekleşen etkinliğe katıldım. Etkinlikte […]

212 backs Fazla Gida

Quiz: How much food is wasted around the world each year? (a) 5 million tons (b) 10 million tons (c) 100 million tons (d) Over a billion tons If you picked (d) you’re right. Even though nearly 2.5 billion people live in food insecurity, we’re throwing out food, from grocery stores, restaurants, and households. Lost […]

Wellbees Challenge & UNICEF Join Forces for Earthquake Relief Efforts

The Wellbees Challenge March 2023 is coming up. As previously announced, in 2021, we invested in the corporate well-being platform, Wellbees. Wellbees provides a comprehensive B2B SaaS platform that prioritizes the well-being of employees, resulting in enhanced productivity and employee satisfaction. The platform leverages the power of socialization within companies to foster communities where individuals can connect […]

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