Simya VC’s Investment in Werover

Simya VC is thrilled to announce its second investment in Werover, a company that produces solutions for the digitalization of renewable energy through artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. What Are Wind Turbines and What Are They Good For? Wind turbines, which have been around since the end of the 1900s, are a […]

Simya VC’s Investment in Juphy

We are happy to announce Simya VC’s new investment in Juphy! As previously announced, 212 began its startup investments at Simya VC in April. We are proud and overjoyed to share news of our 4th investment from April to September. Juphy is an artificial intelligence-based B2B SaaS startup enabling e-commerce companies to provide effective customer […]

Say Hello to Our New Investment, Agrotics!

The New Year may be rapidly approaching, but I have good news for the end of 2023. I am happy to share that Simya VC is investing in Agrotics, our 5th investment announcement. The Importance of Agri-tech: As we all know, the agricultural sector faces significant challenges due to increasing population, climate change, depletion of natural […]

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