RemotePass offers an all-in-one platform for companies to efficiently onboard, manage, pay, and retain remote contractors and employees in over 150 countries, ensuring compliance. The platform features HR tools like multi-currency expense management and time-off tracking with multi-level approval flows, along with mass payroll processing.

Additionally, remote teams get access to the RemotePass Super App, which offers financial services and benefits, including a USD Payroll card for instant payments, health insurance options, 7 payout methods, and in 90+ currencies.


Fintech startup Flow48 revolutionalizes SME lending by providing crucial working capital financing. Addressing the common challenges SMEs face, such as a lack of trustworthy information and insufficient track records, which often deter traditional banks and lenders, Flow48 introduces a groundbreaking approach. Our platform integrates with critical ERP, payment gateway, and e-commerce players, harnessing multiple data sources to enrich our risk assessment engine. This unique capability allows us to validate and underwrite short-term credit products focused on SMEs’ revenue and predictability.


SOCRadar is an Extended Threat Intelligence (XTI) SaaS platform that combines External Attack Surface Management (EASM), Digital Risk Protection Services (DRPS), and Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI).

Bolt Insight

Bolt’s mission is to help companies and brands better understand their customer’s complex needs and wants.

They are here to disrupt the traditional market research industry. As digitalization has changed the consumer landscape to a purely online one, consumer behaviors have shifted accordingly.


Wellbees is the next-generation wellbeing mobile app in a B2B SaaS format developed for employees. It offers employee wellbeing holistically offering company culture-specific events, content covering eight wellbeing areas and more. Wellbees is a global company based in Turkey serving 17 countries with expert support. Wellbees improves employees’ wellbeing through expert support, seminars, challenges, content and activities customized specifically for each company and offering each individual a separate personal wellbeing experience with its AI algorithm.


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Metrobi provides the leading technology-powered fulfillment network for local wholesale, the delivery of products from local food & beverage makers to grocery stores, restaurants, and cafes. Metrobi unlocks the wholesale growth opportunity for local businesses such as breweries, bakeries, coffee roasters, and beverage makers.


Fazla enables companies to create the highest environmental, social, and financial value from food, packaging, textile, and chemical surplus via tech-enabled, holistic waste management solutions.

To create impact for the good of the world, Fazla creates tech-enabled, holistic solutions in line with the United States’ Enironmental Protection Agency’s Waste Scale and offers a variety of solutions to all stakeholders in the supply chain including producers, distributors, retail, the food and beverage industry, and individual consumers. Since its establishment in 2016, the company has successfully saved over 92,000 tonnes of food from being wasted, thereby preventing more than 142,000 tonnes of carbon emissions. Through their partnership with the Food Rescue Association, Fazla consistently provides support to 1.5 million people in need.

Trio Mobil

Trio Mobil is a technology company providing solutions to prevent accidents and improve efficiency for safer and more productive industrial operations. Trio Mobil is a leading technology company specialized in Industrial IoT solutions. Trio Mobil’s plug&play IoT solutions are used by thousands of enterprise companies to improve safety and increase efficiency in industrial facilities. AI-driven Industrial IoT platform helps customers to connect and orchestrate thousands of smart sensors with real-time analytics.

Artboard Studio

Artboard Studio is an online graphic and motion design tool for marketing and branding design teams. It helps you create high-quality and professional visuals and videos with a comprehensive toolset, and thanks to being cloud-based you can work together with your colleagues. Working together on projects, sharing assets, and presenting your designs never been easier.

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