PhiTech provides a multi-omics based, AI-powered clinical diagnostic decision support system for precision medicine applications.


RemotePass offers an all-in-one platform for companies to efficiently onboard, manage, pay, and retain remote contractors and employees in over 150 countries, ensuring compliance. The platform features HR tools like multi-currency expense management and time-off tracking with multi-level approval flows, along with mass payroll processing.

Additionally, remote teams get access to the RemotePass Super App, which offers financial services and benefits, including a USD Payroll card for instant payments, health insurance options, 7 payout methods, and in 90+ currencies.


Getmobil, founded in 2018 by siblings Mehmet Uygun and Zeynep Uygun as a mobile phone repair retailer, evolved into a marketplace platform uniting small and medium-sized businesses buying and selling second-hand electronic products to Turkish consumers. The Turkish Ministry of Trade’s Remanufactured Device Regulation certifies the company as a renewal center.


B2Metric is an automated machine learning (Auto-ML) platform solution that provides Enterprise-AI and continuous business learning solutions for the Insurance, Finance, Retail, Telecom, and Automotive industries. Becoming a data-driven company is such an easy task for the marketing and analytics teams.


Agrotics offers customized data solutions for agricultural lands, considering variables like soil type, altitude, and crop variety. Through its personalized approach, Agrotics optimizes agricultural activities, aiding farmers in unlocking the full potential of their farms throughout their life cycle.


Fintech startup Flow48 revolutionalizes SME lending by providing crucial working capital financing. Addressing the common challenges SMEs face, such as a lack of trustworthy information and insufficient track records, which often deter traditional banks and lenders, Flow48 introduces a groundbreaking approach. Our platform integrates with critical ERP, payment gateway, and e-commerce players, harnessing multiple data sources to enrich our risk assessment engine. This unique capability allows us to validate and underwrite short-term credit products focused on SMEs’ revenue and predictability.


Juphy’s artificial intelligence-based sales assistant offers companies a seamless solution for targeting customers and increasing sales by automating product sales 24/7 through e-commerce websites and social media accounts.


Werover provides predictive maintenance and contributes to sustainability in renewable energy via AI, IoT, and robotics solutions.


Syntonym’s face generation technology creates unique and anonymous faces in real-time, whether on mobile, cloud, or local platforms, ensuring individuals have a secure and reliable solution to safeguard their privacy and anonymity when required.


Evercopy utilizes AI to streamline and optimize marketing efforts for businesses, from analysis to execution, to achieve maximum engagement on autopilot.

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